Mini Floats - X Series & S Series

Float Quote Form

Quote: Mechanical & Mercury

These floats are in the same design of float, but only 75% the size of our standard floats.


  • Single Pole
    • Normally Open (Pump Down)
    • Normally Closed (Pump Up)
    • Double Throw (SPDT)
  • Double Pole (A Mini Float Exclusive)
    • Normally Open (Pump Down DPST)
    • Normally Closed (Pump Up DPST)
    • Double Throw (DPDT)


5 AMPS @ 120/240 VAC
5 AMPS @ 30 VDC

Cord: 18 AWG Black SJOW

Operating Angle: Narrow or Wide Angle

"S" Series: Wide Angle
Contacts close @ 45° above horizontal
Contacts open @ 45° below horizontal

"X" Series: Narrow Angle
Contacts close @ 15° above horizontal
Contacts open @ 15° below horizontal

Mini Float

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