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E/One® 2000 Series Retrofit - EOR-PC (15 GPM Max & 250 Foot Head Max)


Price: $2,914.99

Turnkey Replacement Package - Fully Assembled

No Modifications to Existing System Operates with same Control Panel Superior Pump Performance, Reliable Operation.

  • Simple and Quick Installation
    • Lower into Place
    • Latch Arm over Pipe
    • Mating Plug Connection
  • The MDI advantages:
    • Fits into Existing 2000 Series System - No Changes
    • Eliminates Existing Problems
    • Better Pump Performance - More Flow
    • Reduces Service/Maintenance Issues
    • Saves you money!

E/One® brand name or trademark are the property of Environment One Corporation and are referred to for descriptive purposes only.

Manufacturer: MDI Sewage Products

Weight: 125 lb

Delivery: 1 - 4 weeks

Pump Specifications:

  • The pumps features:
    • 1 year warranty
    • 1 HP & 9 AMP @ 230 VAC
    • Superior Dual Silicon Carbide Seals
    • 3-Bearing Design
    • Internal Start Components (No Control Box Req’d)
    • Stainless Steel Pipe & Discharge Elbow
    • Float Controls
    • No Modifications to Existing System
    • Operates with Existing Control Panel
    • Superior Pump Performance - More FLOW
    • Reliable Operation

Made in the USA

MDI Inc. Our Company!

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Mercury Displacement Industries Incorporated, better known in the industry we serve as MDI, was incorporated in Michigan in 1975. The primary product line is switch gear components including mercury type contactors, tilt switches and liquid level float controls.
Contactors are rated from 30 to 100 Amperes and are commonly used in various heating, lighting, and many other industrial applications including high voltage ultraviolet type loads. The contacts are encased in hermetically sealed stainless steel tubes to provide reliable switching for millions of operations. All basic units are UL, CSA, and CE approved.
The liquid level control floats are manufactured with mechanical or mercury switches. The float material is High Impact Polystyrene for normal alarm, sump pump or water applications, For sewage, 1 or 2 H.P. or high temperature, 86°C (186°F) requirements Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene, (ABS) float material is provided.
MDI has 40 to 50 employees and markets products through distributors, representatives or direct to OEM accounts throughout the world.

MDI Quality Policy
It is the policy of MDI to manufacture and market products of excellent quality, durability and reliability. This policy emphasizes the importance of product reputation and customer satisfaction in the success of our business. The MDI Team is committed without exception to the continuous improvement in quality and cost, and to manufacturing productivity and efficiency.

Since 1975
MDI Quality - Durability - Reliability

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