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MIDI Relays (IEC Contactors) - 100 AMPS Resistive Relay - 3 Pole - AC Control

SKU: CC65LA120

Price: $103.99

Could be used as a Single Pole, Two Pole or Three Pole Unit.

  • 3-Pole (NO) main contact
  • Finger Proof Design
  • DIN-Rail or Screw Mountable
  • 2NO2NC Auxiliary contacts built-in as standard
  • Up to 1,800 Operations Per Hour
  • Screw Termination Type

PDF CC65 Spec Sheet

Manufacturer: Carlo Gavazzi

Weight: 2.32 lb

Delivery: 1 - 6 weeks

  • Resistive Current (AC1): 100 AMPS @ 690 VAC
  • Motor AC Single Phase 50/60Hz
    • 110~120 VAC: 5HP
    • 220~240 VAC: 15HP
  • Motor AC Three Phase
    • 200~208 VAC: 25HP
    • 220~240 VAC: 30HP
    • 440~480 VAC: 50HP
    • 550~600 VAC: 60HP
  • Motor Current (AC3)
    • 200~240 VAC: 18.5kW 65A
    • 380~440 VAC: 30kW 65A
    • 500~550 VAC: 33kW 60A
    • 690 VAC max: 33kW 35A
  • Coil Voltages AC Coil VAC 50/60 Hz: 120 VAC
  • Basic Dimensions W x H x D mm AC Coil: 3.11 x 4.17 x 4.80" (79 x 106 x 122mm)
  • Accessories Auxiliary Contacts Standard: 1NO1NC
  • Output Terminal: Lugs
  • NEMA Size: 2

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